About Us

About Us

Union Square Dog Walker is comprised of an eclectic group of New Yorkers who all share an extreme love for dogs. Get to know your walker below…

  • Jesse Brezina

    Jesse Brezina


    Originally from the great state of New Jersey, Jesse moved to New York and pursued a short career in finance before founding USDW. He believes in great service at a fair price, and he gets to hang out with dogs all day!

  • Anthony



    Anthony has been with USDW since 2013 and quickly proved to be one of the best. Climbing the ranks, he became Manager/ Scheduler in 2014. When not hanging out with our furry 4-legged friends, Anthony can be found playing video games and writing screen plays

  • Amanda


    Dog Walker

    Amanda hails from Santa Ynez, CA. She moved to New York in 2009 after completing her BA in Theatre at the College of Santa Fe. Amanda gets her love of animals from her mom who was always bringing home stray or abused dogs. She is passionate about rescue & adoption and has a special soft spot for pit bulls.

  • Stephanie


    Dog Walker

    Stephanie, a New York City native, joined us after studying at Hunter College. In her free time, you can find Stephanie at yoga, writing her own fantasy novel, baking cookies and hanging out with friends. We’re very excited to have her as one of the most seasoned walkers on the Union Square Dog Walker team.

  • Laura


    Dog Walker

    About four years ago, Laura moved to New York for a new beginning. Her time in New York has been an incredible journey thus far, and part of that journey has involved her experiences with Union Square Dog Walker. When Laura isn’t working, she’s out and about exploring the city, writing, or taking photos. You can check out Laura’s Dogs of New York Facebook page, in which she chronicles the life of a New York City dog walker through pictures.

  • Jared


    Dog Walker

    Jared was born and raised in Queens where he spent most of his days. Chilling out, relaxing, shooting some b-ball outside of the school. When a couple of guys (they were up to no good) started making trouble in his neighborhood...

  • Angeline


    Dog Walker

    Angie is a native New Yorker who joined USDW in the spring of 2013. She enjoys reading, writing and hanging out with friends, but her absolute favorite thing to do is hang out with animals. Angie is a natural with dogs and is quickly becoming many a clients’ favorite walker. We are happy to have her as one of the newer members of the USDW crew.

  • Dereck


    Dog Walker

    Dereck is a Florida native that recently graduated from The University of Michigan and made the big move to New York City. He enjoys exploring the city, eating pizza, singing in his shower, watching Netflix, and of course spending time with dogs. You may recognize him as "that guy who asked to pet my dog".

  • Janice


    Dog Walker

    Janice was born and bred in the Big Apple. Her parents didn't really allow her to have pets while growing up so, of course, now she has multiple cats. Since she can’t have a dog (yet) she’ll just have to settle for walking them. Janice loves vegging-out in front of the TV, writes poetry, plays guitar, and was very stoked to recently discover that she can draw. One day she’ll write poems about cats and dogs, set them to music, and illustrate the album art--unless her favorite TV show is on that day.

  • Lina


    Dog Walker

  • Khalima


    Dog Walker

  • Alex


    Dog Walker

  • Stephanie R

    Stephanie R

    Dog Walker

  • Kassandra


    Dog Walker

  • Lars


    Dog Walker